You can't sleep there

Over the years I have fallen asleep in some questionable places. Some looked more desperate then others and some just straight up laughable. I wish I had photos of all of them, but between the ages of 14-18 I was a moody, hormonal teenage who cried when photos of me asleep surfaced. At the time I hadn't fully accepted my condition, I had no diagnosis and so I lived day to day being scared to go out, for me the embarrassment of falling asleep in public was too much. So instead of showing you I'll have to describe it to you, hopefully in such good detail that you can share my embarrassment.

Top Ten "you can't sleep there" moments




Thorpe Park

I fell asleep in every queue for the rides standing up, except for one where I completely collapsed and fell to the floor. At the time I was on a date and its safe to say it got very awkward after that! #Ghosted


Reading festival

Narcoleptics and alcohol aren't a great mix and at this festival I had been drinking all day for 3 days straight when the incident happened. I was on my friends shoulders, singing along to AJ Tracey when I started to get drowsy. I ended up having a sleep attack and falling off their shoulders in front of a lot of people!


Ski Lift

This was before i even considered myself to have narcolepsy, i was on a school ski trip and every day i would fall asleep on the ski lifts. One time I dropped my sticks and had to redo the route just to collect them, another time I didn't get off the ski lift and my teacher had to wait for me to come back around.


Ski Slope

It was the same ski trip, I had a sleep attack waiting for my class to go one by one down the slopes. My knees went weak and I ended up rolling all the way to the bottom and waiting for the rest of my group to catch me up there.


Driving lessons

Every week I would have a 2 hour driving lesson. Each time I would fall asleep and almost rear end the car in front of me. My instructor had no idea I was micro-napping at the wheel and used to say "maybe next we can try working on our breaking distance". How I passed my test I don't know.



I was shopping with my friends and I had a sleep attack. They found me asleep standing up, in the clothes racks with my hand holding on to a hanger.


School Bus

It was on the way home from school and I was sat on an aisle seat. The bus got really busy and I fell asleep, fell off my seat into the aisle in front of everyone.


River Boat Ride

It was a really hot day in Amsterdam, I had a river boat trip booked with my boyfriend at the time. It was so busy that we got separated and I had to sit next to a stranger. I fell asleep within minutes and woke up with my head on the person next to me. They didn't speak much English so when I did finally wake up we just shared a long awkward stare.


Super Bikes race day

We had gone to watch the superbikes at Brands Hatch, I had fallen asleep on the banks watching the races and missed all the dramatic overtakes and crashes. I had to re-watch what everyone was talking about on Youtube.



It was the early hours of the morning at a festival, I had gone to the toilet with my friend and fallen asleep holding the door for her as the locks were dodgy. I fell out the loo and exposed her! Luckily no one was awake or waiting to use the loos after us.