Cookie monster

9 times out of 10 pre-medication you would find me with my hand in a biscuit tin, craving anything sugary. My favourite creation to date:

Bourbon + Nutella + Bourbon = Bournella Sandwich

Looking back at it now my diet pre-medication was enough to give me type 2 diabetes if carried on for a few more years. I should have been obese and not just a little bit obese. I should have been needing a crane to move me from one sofa to the other obese. It was AWFUL!!!

I wouldn't think twice about destroying a whole packet of biscuits in a day, or even chomping back a family sized galaxy bar. I was so desperate to feel even the slightest bit of energy that I ended up with a serve sugar addiction. It consisted of:

  • Double shot coffee with syrups and sugar first thing in the morning and at lunch

  • chocolate bars and biscuits for snacks

  • Sweet Pastries for breakfast

  • Hard boiled sweets at work, at least a share pack a day

  • Spoons of Nutella or Biscoff spread straight out the jar for a top up

  • Mini chocolate Cheese cakes for puddings

I took boredom eating to the next level, in fact if it was a competitive sport I'd put money on myself coming first.

Now I'm not silly, even though the sugar gave me a short burst of energy I was fully aware that it would follow with a major sugar crash. Sugar crashes can make anyone drowsy, for someone with narcolepsy the sugar crashes temporarily knock you out, or at least for me they did. Within seconds of a sugar crash I would be asleep but you could bet as soon as I woke up I was heading straight for the biscuit tin. It was a ruthless cycle that I felt I gave my life too. It was like an angry toddler yelling in my head every time I started to crave sugar, and that just got louder and louder until I gave in.

With Medication I was able to completely change my diet. Once medicated my sugar cravings stopped, almost like someone had given that toddler a dummy or knocked it out, you never know. I started being able to eat healthy and have consistent levels of energy throughout the day.

I haven't made a Bournella Sandwich since starting my medication and to be honest it's a very bitter sweet feeling. As much as I loved them, I'm over the moon I'm not relying on them to function.